At Aviation Career Center we specialize in Ab initio ATPL training as well as Airbus A320 Type Rating Training. Being an A320 Type Rating Training Organization we are a part of Airbus network. As such, we are in contact with almost every airline in Europe (not just EU) that operates Airbus aircraft.

But only only Airbus, a lot of our students are flying also Boeings, ATRs, Embraers and CRJs…

After finishing the training, we get in touch with these airlines and check which ones are hiring, what are the requirements, what is the enrolment procedure, how and where to apply – in some cases we can even apply on your behalf.

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Meet some of our former students, now active pilots!

candidate Ryanair

Miro Järvinen, Ryanair

A big thank you to the whole ACC team! Was very happy with the training I received, even with the Covid-19 situation I was still able to continue my studies and flying which was not the case with many other flight schools in Europe. Fleet is nice and instructors also very professional. Training is demanding but that didn’t come as a surprise, hard work and dedication pay off in the end!

Miikka Pelkonen, Nordic Regional Airlines

With ACC I completed my training in 20 months and got important experience with many different airplanes, countries and airports. Maribor airport is excellent location weather- and flying-wise and since it is controlled airport and, expect to get really important experience with controllers and other scheduled traffic. As school, ACC has a nice brand new facility in Maribor airport which I really did enjoy. Staff is professional, works fast and cares about the progress of their students. ACC is growing fast and has potential becoming one of the best flight schools in Europe.”

candidate Nordic Regional Airlines
candidate Air Adriatic

Primož Gaber, Air Adriatic

I was satisfied with my pilot training at ACC. In my opinion they are professional and a nice flight school with lots of experiences.

Haitham Fathalla, Afriqiyah Airways

I’ll be always grateful for all the motivational and positive words you’ve given me , I will forever remember how you made me feel more confident,

Thank you for challenging me to think further, work harder and dream bigger, Without you Guys I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have.

candidate Afriqiyah Airways
candidate Uzbekistan Airways

Azamkhuja Abdukadirov, Uzbekistan Airways

I want to share my excitement and proudness of flight training I completed in ACC. I want to say big thank you to whole ACC team , throughout 20 the training ACC team did excellent job, was supporting and helping and I want to say that i really appreciate it. Once more thank you very much for all your help. I wish ACC all the best, and i hope that ACC will become one of the strongest player in aviation market !!!

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