EASA Ab Initio ATPL Programs

Ab Initio Zero to ATPL training is performed for students with no previous pilot experiences, that want to become professional Airline pilots.

In 18-months you receive EASA ATPL ‘Frozen’ Licence. This licence enables you to apply directly for a position of a First Officer in any airline in Europe and almost any airline in the World.


The Ab Initio Zero to ATPL course contains a total of 240 hours of practical training and over 750 hours of theoretical training. Training duration of the training is 18 months, but we make sure the Students fly as much as possible, so the training can realistically be done even sooner.

At the end of the training you will obtain EASA Frozen ATPL licence, which will allow you to fly in the right seat of a cockpit, and you can apply for a job in any of the airlines globally. Our graduates that have successfully completed the training with our team found a job within a year after their graduation and are currently employed different countries around the world.

The training is performed by airline experienced instructors, on an International Airport (Maribor, Slovenia-EU). We are using brand new Garmin equipped fleet or airplanes and simulator. This combination represents a perfect combination for getting in-depth pilot training experiences and skills for your future airline pilot career. Our approach to training lets you start flying already 1-month after training start, because we put the students into the cockpit as soon as possible, to start with flying experiences and gain pilot skill already at an early stage of training.

Tuition fee

The tuition for the Zero to ATPL training starts from 55,400 EUR and it is All-Inclusive without any hidden costs of additional charges, which can be paid in 6 or 13 monthly instalments. 

The tuition includes:
– All flight and theoretical trainings
– Airport landing fees
– Exam flights
– Student Pilot Package (Apple iPad, Pilot Headphones, Flight Plotter and Computer),
– Flight and Theoretical Training materials (Computer Based Trianing subscription, AviationExam subscription, Books, SOPs etc…).
– Fuel, instructor and tax (VAT)
– Medical Exam and CAA fees are not included becsue they need to be paid directly by the student (total cost: around 2,500 EUR in 18 months)

Our key benefits

– EASA Zero to ATPL training programme with 20% more flying hour than minimum EASA requirement
– Competency-based training & assessment programme from Day 1: prioritising the development and assessment of the fundamental pilot competencies
– Course designed and performed by airline instructors, to produce airline ready pilots: for smooth integration from the training environment to the operational environment
– Optimised training curriculum to provide progressive cost-effective training for the individual to maximize the development of each pilot’s competencies
– Up-to-date programmes to latest fleet & regulatory standards


4 Phases of the Ab Initio ATPL program

DURATION: 18 months

Phase 1: Initial Single Engine Flight Training
  • Initial 100-hour theoretical couse (Self-Study + Classroom)
  • 45 hours of Single-engine Flight Training on Evektor SportStar
  • Approximately 30 weeks
  • Location: Self-Study, International Airport Maribor,

Phase 2: ATPL Theory and Solo Flying
  • Learn everything about ATPL related theory in 14 subjects
  • Includes Knowledge Skills and Attitude (KSA) training
  • Combined learning approach with both virtual and practical lessons
  • Learn to fly solo in a single-engine aircraft Evektor SportStar
  • Approximately 30 weeks
  • Location: Self-Study, International Airport Maribor,

Phase 3: Multi engine Instrument Flight Training
  • Aircraft and simulator training (Tecnam P2006t and Alsim AL250 FNPT II)
  • Learn how to fly using instruments on a multi-engine piston aircraft
  • Perform your Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (MEIR) Skill Test
  • Approximately 10 weeks
  • Location: Ljubljana, International Airport Maribor,

Phase 4: Commercial Pilot Training
  • Learn how to fly as a Commercial Pilot (Tecnam P2006t and Evektor SportStar)
  • Perform your Commercial Pilot License (CPL) Skill Test on Tecnam P2006t
  • Approximately 4 weeks
  • Location: International Airport Maribor

What’s included?

  • iPad with Apple Pen and Apple Keyboard
  • Flight bag, personal headset
  • Theoretical Trainign Courseware and Training materials
  • Exam flights and Airport landing fees
  • Accommodation for 18-month period

What’s not included?

  • Daily transport during Training
  • Living expenses such as meals, travel and entertainment
  • Medical exam (approximately €250)
  • Civil Aviation Authority fees (approximately €2,400)

Option to add on:

  • International Business School Bachelor Degree in Aviation Management
  • Airbus A320 Type Rating training
  • Airbus A320 Line Flying


  • Must be at least 17 years of age at the start of the programme
  • Must have successfully completed secondary education
  • Must be proficient in the English language (verbal and written)
  • Must be able to obtain an EASA Class 2 Medical